Erfisa and its partners

Always on the same wavelength

For all external services in connection with its activities, Erfisa can rely on a network of expert and trustworthy partners, all honouring the same ethical values.


We are happy to collaborate with BS & Associés [BS & Associates] and ARGOS Prévoyance SA [ARGOS Providence plc].


Some activities require the intervention of lawyers. We have trustworthy partners of proven expertise at our disposal.


Notably we work in collaboration with the Association des notaires de Suisse romande [Association of Notaries of French-Speaking Switzerland], and in particular with the legal chambers of Maître Pierre Badoux, situated in the near vicinity.


We have partners we can recommend to you if you need help drawing up a tax declaration or statement of accounts.

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We work with several systems aimed at financial professionals. And you can also access various online data sources : Swissquote - Telekurs Financial.

Riding the same wave…


In the context of promoting its activities and its professional ethics, Erfisa features in various magazines and radio broadcasts. We also support some associations and private foundations.

List of our cultural partners :


  • Is there a minimum amount necessary to obtain your investment management services?
    No minimum required. The quality of our advice does not depend on the amount under management.
  • How can I be sure that your advice is objective?
    Erfisa does not accept any bank commissions or retrocessions, contrary to the usual practice in investment management. This principle guarantees our clients neutral and objective advice. Our proposals are therefore only in the client’s own interest.
  • How much does a rendezvous with one of your advisors or managers cost?
    The first rendezvous is free of charge since it is meant to identify your needs. On the basis of this, we establish a clear, written proforma invoice. You are free to accept, compare, or reject our proposal.
  • Why come to you when I have a Bank?
    Swiss Banks offer excellent services. A firm like Erfisa offers complementary services. So far as advice is concerned, the size of the Banks, conflicts of interest with bankers, the rotation of bank personnel are often inconvenient factors which do not exist in dealing with Erfisa. Also it is not easy to find one’s way in the jungle of commission tariffs, interest rates and other fees charged by financial institutions. We have noted some considerable differences between the different tariffs and can bring you some clear advice on this subject so as to enable you to make the best choice of a banking partner.
  • I don’t possess a vast fortune, but can I come to see you just the same?
    At Erfisa, the amount of your assets is not a criterion for a first contact. A mutual reflection on the connexion between your objectives, our services and the cost are the points which will determine if you wish or not to call on our services. In any case, every client is entitled to exactly the same service at Erfisa, whatever his size.
  • If I use your services must I change my bank?
    You are free to choose your depositary Bank. Our mandate includes the evaluation of the conditions of your Bank and its quality of service compared with other institutions.
  • I don’t know whether I can trust you. What are your guarantees?
    Your money is not deposited with Erfisa but in a Bank of your choice. We can neither draw out or transfer the money on your account, since we do not have a Power of Attorney. We are members of the ASG (Association des gérants de fortune indépendants), which keeps the profession organised and checks the scrupulous application by Erfisa of the relative legislation, notably the Federal Law concerning money laundering. Erfisa is certificated by the FINMA (swiss financial markets supervisor) as qualified professional investor.
  • I’m not living in Switzerland, but I’d like some more information.
    Our experience and our network of correspondents in Switzerland and abroad confirms our aptitude in discovering original and performing solutions for a clientele seeking discretion in view of the fact they are well known or seek confidentiality in a transaction. Only requirement, you must pass by our offices and sign the documents required by law.
  • I only have debts and no fortune; can I still call on your services?
    Erfisa does not accord any credit or loan in its own name. Our relations with our Banks and our competence as managers could be useful to you. Do not hesitate therefore to contact us in order to discuss your credit position, its interest rates, its margins of cover, and its amortisement schedule.
  • Does banking secrecy cover you?
    Legally, we are not submitted to banking secrecy, since we are intermediaries. We are, however, submitted to professional secrecy, whose non-observance could lead to penal consequences for us.
  • Are you taking care of tax forms?
    Erfisa is not an accountant or a fiduciary. We do not fulfil tax forms. We advise in general and specific tax optimisation matters. For the care of tax forms, we recommend to you our qualified partners.
  • Can you help me to finance commercial project?
    Erfisa advises its customers for the creation of business plans, in order to present and negotiate them with commercial banks. We are however not in the position to find private investors or to finance ourselves commercial projects.