Trustworthy tools
for realising your objectives

Erfisa is both a financial consultant and an independent asset manager.
From one-off assistance in the private sector to the complete management of a portfolio, we undertake projects of any scale and are happy to advise anyone wishing to invest funds or benefit from our financial expertise.
With the aim of supporting you in pursuit of your designated goal, we are here to help you with all the best instruments – while you remain at all times in control.

Asset management

Familiarity with the financial markets is not enough on its own if you want to come up with good investments. It is equally necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of your clients. At Erfisa, we take the time to establish a relationship with our clients that is based on trust, so as to manage their portfolio in the best possible way.

Matrimonial law and inheritance

From the implementation of wills to confidential arrangements for your nearest and dearest, we see it as our role to advise you with the utmost discretion in this delicate area of your private life.

Credit management

Our special relationships with a number of financial partners make it possible for us to offer highly advantageous arrangements when it comes to mortgages, business loans and loans to private individuals. We will act on your behalf in requesting and negotiating offers, while maintaining complete independence and transparency. You remain in charge at all times and the final decision is always yours.

Global financial planning

In the light of the numerous reforms of tax law and of professional and private providence schemes, careful planning is indispensable if you are envisaging retirement, a change of business status or the acquisition of real estate. We will help you draw up a personalised strategy that is clear and comprehensive.

Financial consulting

As an independent business, we are able to guarantee objectivity and transparency in connection with all kinds of recommendations and evaluations – comparison of life insurance proposals, loans or donations, financial optimisation measures, business advice, foundation of a company, choice of legal form, analysis of LPP benefits etc.

Solidly grounded assets

As an institution on the human scale, we can offer you added value in a great many areas.


All members of staff at Erfisa are bound by professional secrecy and by the law against money-laundering (LBA). Moreover the small size of our company gives you additional assurance that your affairs will be handled with absolute discretion.


Erfisa requires nothing from its clients; it submits proposals to them, from which you can choose the solution which suits you best. Furthermore, the business relationship can be terminated at any time without notice.

Personal contact

With us you can build up a confidential long-term relationship, knowing that you will always have a dedicated contact person at your disposal.

Security and simplicity

No transfer of funds is needed if you want us to manage your assets. Your money stays in your own bank account.

All-round approach

Erfisa combines all the skills associated with the global management of assets (tax, inheritance, real estate, provision for the future etc.).

Availability and flexibility

Whether you want to contact us every day or only once a year, Erfisa will adapt to your habits and requirements.


Our fees and conditions are clearly set out right from the start. You have unlimited access to the documentation dealing with the mandate you confer on us, and we will give you a detailed explanation of the steps we are taking on your behalf.